I love Rose Jam - the delicious smell takes me back to some of my favourite places in the world.

The first is Turkey, where I have visited our producer of rose oil and rose absolute for the last 9 years; his mum makes a gorgeous jam at rose harvest time every year that inspired our Rose Jam fragrance - the scent of the rose gardens in bloom is all there in the bottle!

Then there’s Uganda, where I went last January visiting the farmers from the Fairtrade cooperative that supply us with the vanilla beans we use in the vanilla infusion in Rose Jam. The rich aroma takes me back to the Mountains of the Moon, shrouded in mist, and to the great time I spent there with some truly amazing and dedicated people who absolutely love their vanilla.


I didn’t like The Jilted Elf at first but it slowly grew on me and eventually was the shower gel I turned to whenever I needed a kick up the backside.  On one such morning last week I reached for it, it fell out of my hands and promptly slipped down the plug hole (I only had a little bit left).  I was gutted.  That’ll teach me for not buying more over Christmas.

Oh no! That’s terrible to hear! :(