Get creative, win great products, tell us the #bagadventure and #burythebagmonster!

Single use carrier bags are rubbish!  Last year in the UK over 9 billion bags were produced.  In the EU we produce more than 800,000 tonnes each year :(  Once made these bags take over 2000 years to break down. For more than 2 millennium they pollute our environment and kill wildlife.

In countries where a 5p charge for single use bags has been introduced the number of bags taken at checkouts can drop by 96%.  Please join the campaign to break the bag habit by using the hashtag #burythebagmonster and getting involved in the online debate. 


We have two competitions and a lot of gorgeous unpackaged goodies to win! Please check out the links below. All are welcome to enter the #burythebagmonster competition. #Bagadventure is just for the kids!

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